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    Duration: 3m 34s
    Format: Video
    Release date: Sat Nov 14th, 2009 8:59am


    An event has been triggered in the continuum. The Twimline has been compromised.

    Watch Stephen Fry along with 1 million followers on Twitter.

    Produced by SamFry for
    Visual Effects by Anthony Gibbs and thanks to Simon Whalley, Framestore, London.

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95 comments on “Twillionth”

  1. fustanella says:

    Praise be the tweet. And thanks for the stock tips.

  2. lazmad says:

    This is wonderful news Stephen, congratulations. And thank you, dear, for the smashing video. Have a great day.


    Lovely Laura.

  3. jood says:

    Superb as usual of course, your Royal Naughtiness . . .
    Much L & A

  4. Fryphile says:

    But are your nipples still called Sheila and Neville? Who will take charge of Berwhale the Avenger? And who will smite that most contumely of milkpots?

    In honor of this erotic event, I offer unto thee one million kisses. You may place them anywhere you wish.

    Your slaveminx,

  5. ArchAsa says:

    Praise be to Step-Hen Free, Praise be to the TWOMF!
    A glorious future awaits us.

    Thank you for making this dark, dull November day sparkle and shine. Thank you for all the joy you bring me.

  6. Elifant71 says:

    I love the video! Simply hilarious, marvelous, and any other “ous” word that could be found! You are amazing, and deserve more than the 1 million followers you now have! Hope to see you 2034! Cheers!

  7. gjhsu says:

    Lowve is given a chance. What is this…. lowve? Is it written about in the bibble?

    I laughed more than any sane human should be allowed. Assuming, of course, humans are sane. I was in Sane, once…

  8. marklitt says:

    I’m gutted, I was convinced Flash would be on my iPhone within 10 years. Now I’ll have to look into that Google Robot thing :(

  9. Fryphile says:

    A transcription for the Fry Files. Praise be the Tweet.

    Good dayoid. I twish you well. An event has been triggered in the continuum. The twimeline has been compromised. A small parcel of twime, a window has opened into the henceforward. I am speaking to you from 25 years into your future. This is the year 2034. In our time, we call it Year 17 Twomph, of which more later.

    I’m receiving a message. Someone is coming in my ear. Behave. Yes. Yes, it. Yes. Yes, it seems. It seems that the human from which I have been erotically cloned. The one you call Step Hen Free. It seems that in your time now, Step Hen Free has just achieved his one millionth follower on Twitter. Praise be the Tweet. This, in your time, is a cause for a small celebration. In your time, Twitter, Praise be the Tweet, was a social networking service specializing in microblogging. This was before the great occasion of the Coming Together when MySpace and Facebook met at a party in Camden and got drunk. Some months later was born their bouncing progeny, MyFace. MyFace, as our history relates, had a relationship with Twitter, Praise be the Tweet. And before long, the child of their union came into the world, The Promised One, the One to Rule Us All: TwitOnMyFace.

    I speak to you from the age of TwitOnMyFace, Twomph. To all you million followers of Step Hen Fry I send thanks. It is Step Hen Fry’s beautiful face that I wear. It is Step Hen Fry’s surprisingly comfortable and attractive body that houses my secretary.

    Were it not for your loyalty to Step Hen Fry, we would not live in the Age of Twomph. And without Twomph, our life would be unthinkable. You will want to know what the future holds. The 19th Directive forbids us to reveal too much. However this I can say:

    Cold fusion is achieved and the energy problems of the world are over.

    Food problems are solved and poverty is over.

    Substance Energy Congruency Beams allow the transportation and replication of all molecular matter.

    The iPhone is still not flash enabled.

    The President of the United States is Zach Efron.

    The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is Robert Pattinson. Praise be to Robert Pattinson.

    Norwich City achieved the double five times in a row.

    The words moon and spoon no longer rhyme.

    All inner thighs are called Godfrey.

    All left nipples are called Miriam and all right nipples are called Shane.

    A new molecular structure of carbon allows for exciting developments in cake and biscuit manufacture.

    Basketball is outlawed.

    Trousers demand independence.

    Humans no longer need to go to the lavatory. They go now just for pleasure.

    Peace is given a chance.

    The official marker pen of the future is the Sharpie.

    That is all you need to know.

    Oh, give Windows 8 a miss.

    Transmission ends.

  10. exoskeleton says:

    got me out of bed you did since the iPod wasn’t displaying anything, just the explanatory text; the raving comments finally did it. Goodness, it was worth it too. I am feeling extremely entertained! The most fun! What a great video!

    btw it’s a bit embarrassing, but more than rarely, I say “Step-hen Free” in my head…that is no joke. I do not know why it should be so. possibly I have some clairvoyant powers.

  11. lcreale says:

    ‘The iPhone is still not flash enabled.’

    -That gave me nightmares

  12. MaalieKhan says:

    That was wonderful! It was so funny! Great video Mr. Fry!~

  13. AxmxZ says:

    That’s a marvelous just-rolled-out-of-bed look you’re sporting in the Twoph, Fried Steppe Hen. :)

  14. Gaina says:

    What, you mean we STILL have Windows in 2034? Oh poo….

  15. Paul of the woods says:

    Praise be to captain Step-Hen for twitting on my face, and the dark lord William shatner has been kept from taking over the twitterverse.

  16. Cindy says:


  17. nrepka says:

    Praise Be The Tweet, Stephen! You’ve earned your first twillion! Now if someone exclaims in despair ‘where, oh where all the smart people are’ – I will share the link to your follower’s list and point at the reassuring number. We adore you, can’t get enough of you, and there are 1,001,852.00 of us. Much love. xxx

  18. flippet says:

    God, I love you.

    I can be no more clever than that.

  19. weirdsis says:

    LMAO! What a wonderful treat for tweeters!

  20. joannehare says:

    Praise be the tweet and step hen fry! x

  21. mare says:

    ♪♪♪ Twit On My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me! ♪♪♪

  22. portiafendeman says:

    This is such a wonderful gift – I love it – brilliant and so unexpected! (Unexpected that you made this, not unexpected that it’s brilliant.) Thank you, you dear soul, for being so given to your humble adoring little Tweep family. This is soooo inspired and fun. The words “thank you” do not do justice to the feelings of gratefulness I am actually feeling :-)

  23. ysabella says:

    Not totally unexpected – after all, Sharpies are pretty good. Praise Be the Tweet.

  24. Katharine says:

    Loved it. Very funny, and very Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You. Glad to be one of your Twillions, StepHenFree :) x

  25. Latella says:

    Stephen what can I say????

    Perhaps !!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA *wipes away tear*

    “Give Windows 8 a miss”


    Let’s hope iPhone will surprise us all though.


  26. canis rufus says:

    Praise be the Tweet.

    The iPhone comment was classic.

    I love Sharpies.

    Nicely done SamFry :)

  27. borogirl says:

    I was with you all the way until the Norwich City doubles :P

  28. nonoyesyes says:

    Just as good the second time round!!
    Fabulous “briefing” VWD!
    It would not surprise me if you don’t get to
    2 million in short order …

  29. SassyBones says:

    You are such a nut! Lol. How did you ever do that video without so much as cracking a smile. It was hilarious! I totally love you for doing your part in helping to make this world a better place if ever only for a little while. The video was great! And conratulations!
    Lol. Hey send some my way. I only have 22 followers.
    Keep on making us smile. We’re really looking forward and hoping you’ll be back on ‘Bones’ again soon. ‘Dwarfs in the Dirt’ was wonderful!!

  30. gannyganza says:

    Praise be the Stephen Fry

  31. godfreylant says:

    Thank you StepHen I’m touched, an event it looks as if I will be getting more used to in the future. Super! Godfrey

  32. Terry86 says:

    Mr.Fry you are amazing indeed!!!!!! This video it’s wonderfull!!!! It’s very very funny!!!!!!! Congratulations for your 1,005,099 followers :)

  33. JamesFrobisher says:

    “Surprisingly comfortable and attractive body…”


  34. Aurora says:

    I had to wait 24 hours before I could stop laughting!!!

  35. elizabeth barlow says:

    oh my goodness that made me laugh so much I almost spat my tea out :D

  36. MightyWoose says:

    Simply wonderful :)

  37. illuviel says:

    Praise be the Step Hen Free! Brilliant as usual, and praise be the Tweet that Shatner does not take over the Twitterverse. My best, Illuviel

  38. WRR_Paula says:

    I am in AWE! Lovely!

  39. uk_rene says:

    praise be the tweet! and by the stream – try this for the iPhone flash! – cheers!

  40. lasvegasseo says:

    Amazingly lovely!

  41. pastamasta says:

    Thigh-suckingly entertaining, as always.

  42. LaLaLaura says:

    Step Han Free,

    Let me tell you how happy I am that relieving ourselve’s of plumbing fluids will be for pleasure only.

    One question. Will certain naughty bits retain some of their original names? Like Mr. Johnson?

  43. the_bass_player312 says:

    Haha that first little ‘praise be the tweet’ made me laugh so much : )

  44. SophieBrouwer says:

    Marvelous!! Geniously funny. Thank you for sharing some information about the future with us Step Hen Free’s clone ;)

  45. jhunt47 says:

    “I’m receiving a message… someone is coming in my ear.”
    “Praise be the Tweet”

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