What a terrifying quartet. Stellan…

What a terrifying quartet. Stellan Skarsgård, Zoë Wanamaker, Hayley Atwell and self. Being a kind of Bilderburg Group.

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Oh. My. Very. Actual. God. A…

Oh. My. Very. Actual. God. A Simpsons artist was in tonight: she drew me as a Simpsons character #mylifeiscomplete

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Finally sense, humility and…

Finally sense, humility and self-knowledge from The Daily Mail. Who’d-a-thought!! *has lie down and fans self*

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Take me to your Lieder

Words and Music

I hadn’t expected to find myself blogging at the end of my little period of purdah, behind the writing screen, closed off from twitter and the world.

I finished last Tuesday my filming for DOORS OPEN, the Ian Rankin art-theft thriller whose adaptation we’re making for ITV and since then I’ve been sitting at a desk, trying not to look too hard out of the window.

You may have heard the view-halloos and cries and squeals of pleasure and delight on Sunday evening as I stabbed my finger down onto the send button and pushed my little libretto far away into the inbox of my collaborator, the real talent in our little opera team, who has been patiently awaiting my words for a long time.


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Whoa there. Bitty horror strikes…

Whoa there. Bitty horror strikes America. (via @pettore)

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