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Stephen Fry

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Posted Wed Dec 22nd, 2010 4:17pm Post subject: 44 Days of Christmas

Oh most merciful heavens! This is the best Christmas present anyone ever ever had! Thank you all SO SO SO SO much. I'm completely overcome. I wish I had more time to answer you all personally ... I'm filming all today and then up to Scotland where I'll be in the wilds of the Highlands and prolly without netz.

I am so proud to have such an extraordinarily talented, kind, devoted, funny, charming, supportive and adorable fluffettes - thank you ALL

Deepest most grateful love


Fryphile said:
Dear Stephen,

Have you been a good boy this year? Well, we’re going to give you some gifts anyway. Your #fluffettes have assembled an armada, an argosy, a mother, father, and great auntload of prezzies for you in the style of the 12 Days of Christmas. Since you’ve been extra utterly utter this year, you get 44 Days of Christmas. That comes out to 990 total items. May the Lord have Mercy on your Stocking.

Merry Christmas from
Fryphile (@Fryphile)
misprofessioned (@misprofessioned)
KeithBizzell (@TheKeithBizzell)
Emsyphine (@Emsyphine)
KChavda (@KChavda)
ginj (@Ginj_Taz)
EllieK (@zany_zigzag)
Sheghi (@sheghi)
DataLava (@datalava)
Rain Dog (@marshmallowpie)
tracey mitchell (@the_Wid0w)
stefferweps (@sjordan91)
Denise_MN (@Denise_Minn)
ladyfromhamburg (@ladyfromhamburg)
IdeaCollector (@DesmoidSurvivor)
cynicalpie (@noxiousnocturne)
Soupy Twist (@Soupy_Twist)
Lauren (@Lauren1991)
pari (@pariism)
peach (@peachytweety)
Soph (@Soph_Ichigo)
fryfan20 (@fryfan20)
ACSarahAC (@ACSarahAC)
inckognito (@inckognito)
tiu (@tuimonkey)
Love_Kingdom (@midsomerlover)
nrepka (@nrepka)
nemelle (@nemelle)
Gertrude Susanne
andrealein (@andrealein)
Mandibles (@mandibles)
striped_mouse (@striped_mouse)
lonesome_aesthetic (@lonelyaesthetic)
Hope (@intheglow)
nongenderous (@nongenderous)
misprofessioned (@misprofessioned)
ad_astra (@ad_astra30)
gjhsu (@gjhsu)
AnCBeck (@AnCBeck23)
SamD (@SammiMD)

And an additional Merry Christmas mention from LeJeunesse, zomgmouse (@zomgmouse), elTweeno (@elTweeno), Help (@MyNameIsLaurrra), Pink_n_Fluffy (@Pink_n_Fluffy) and katysara (@katysara) who were keen to create a page for you, but were unable due to the persistent demands of Real Life.

Fluffily yours,




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