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Posted Wed Dec 31st, 2008 7:05am Post subject: A Blog to Bridge the Gap Between America and Everyone Else..

I've been kind of a lurker for awhile, randomly reading posts on here every now and then, and I finally decided to sign up!

I run an online zine called Shooting Stars Mag, hence the screenname, but I started a new blog called Bridge the Gap which will be a blog that focuses strictly on entertainment that isn't American, or at least not ALL American.

If you can't tell already, I'm American, and yet, I've found myself falling in love with many things from other countries and I hate that our stuff is more available to others, and yet we hardly get foreign entertainment.

So I want to spread the word to those Americans like me that love foriegn things or are curious about learning more and for those that aren't american and want to hear about what THEY love.


I'd love for you to all check it out, and leave your thoughts there if you wish!


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