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Posted Fri Nov 13th, 2009 5:55am Post subject: A few rubbish poems

Arms Length

I'll keep you at arms length
just for a little while
It's not too far
but I need time to heal

I'll keep you at arms length
you're still attached to me
just not so close right now
the pain is just too real

I'll keep you at arms length
where I can see your face
far enough away
but still attached to me

I'll keep you at arms length
I can still hear your pain
feel the tears, and the rain
but right now distance is ok

I'll keep you at arms length
when the sunny days come
I'll laugh with you, and be happy
for you, from a distance

You're still attached
you're still important
but right now I just need space
so, arms length is where I'll keep you
until I find my own safe place


What They told me.
This is how you pretend to love me
you smile and say hello
we walk two miles then part
leaving only footprints in the snow

This is how we play our game
little houses on the street
empty windows and closed doors
dead faces on people we meet

This is where the steeple goes
this is where the people sit
this is how we sing our songs
this is how we try to quit

This is what my father said
this is what my mother did
this is how the world works kid
this is how our souls are fed

Traditions dogmas stories lies
wasted hours watching spies
making efforts to close our lips
making pains to move our hips

When we wake from our delusion
and see the world for what it is
we scream out in mad confusion
My God My God was it all for this



I want to remember every moment
and forget all I am
my soul is scarred and jaded
the world could not comprehend

I want to attain my salvation
but I know I will die
my path is long forgotten
my breath but a sigh

If this world was worth something
if our love was to be
closer in its foundations
futher you are from me

We are but swallows
darting amongst the fields
we are but dreams
never to be revealed

And I in my study
and you in your world
would never understand
the profanity of our love

Wretch my heart from its chamber
tear my soul from my body
watch as I face this hell
watch as I try to survive

With each a cutting word
and each a telling lie
Let me be alone
Let me wake and die.

"All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling. " - Oscar Wilde

Thank you Statute of Anne!

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Posted Thu Nov 19th, 2009 1:00am Post subject: A few rubbish poems

I really like 'What they told me' - as a reforming Christian it speaks volumes to me.

It is an interesting question how far men would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes. - Thoreau

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