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Dennis K


Posted Tue Nov 4th, 2008 6:58pm Post subject: A letter for Stephen.
Dear Stephen!

Maybe it is inappropriate, but writing to you feels amazingly natural, like writing to a very close and dear person. I don’t want to write this in an open letter, but you really are to me. A very warm thank you for being yourself and for being there for me, simply as a caring feeling inside, that helps to keep on walking that extra mile sometimes. Having heard of this project I’m about to write you about, I couldn’t think of anyone else to come for an advice to, but you.

I’m proud to know and be a friend of Professor Nikolay Veraksa and his son Alexander, both renowned Russian child psychologists. They do enormous theoretical and practical work to help little children to develop their intellectual abilities in full and thus give them a chance for a richer life, a better future. You can read a lot about their theoretical grounds and educational methods even in an English speaking Internet and on Nikolay’s web-site too ( ). I have found out that after years of research and experimental studies, they have prepared a program meant to help intellectually able preschool children with motion and certain health impairments that prevent them from attending kindergartens. Being left behind of educational system, these children suffer development delay that is irrevocable for their future intellectual abilities. Having had all the chances for a better future and a better life, these children by reaching school age are simply left behind.

We all want this to change and to help these children to achieve their full potential, to give them a chance to fulfill their lives. And Professor Veraksa and his colleagues have all the means to make it happen – expertise and commitment of brilliant child and developmental psychologists with years of experience and immaculate reputations, hundreds of publications and successful educational projects; thoroughly designed educational technology reinforced with advantages of modern media; necessary arrangements and facilities – all waiting to be implemented.

They have long tried to get funding from some Russian companies, but sadly most of them encountered financial difficulties and cut down their charity programs. When I found out about it I didn’t know that fundraising could to be so difficult. They do their best for this program to start and try to use every resource they can, whether it is volunteer work, gratis service, personal commitments, and gathered about 20,000 dollars worth of them, but their financial abilities are limited and they really need funding.
I hope that you will find time and look at the linked grant proposal which I designed, hopefully right, and find out more about this truly unique, in its simplicity and effectiveness, approach.

And I would very much appreciate your every help on this project. You have done so great many important charity projects and I hope that you can give an advice on whom I can ask for funding. If the grant proposal I’ve written isn’t composed right, I’ll rewrite it, for I haven’t done this before at all.

To start this project, Stages 1-3 are the most crucial to be financed (57,680 dollars) and as it carries on, we will continue to search for resources if there is no opportunity to receive full funding at once.

This sum might feel huge, but it is hard to describe in words, what difference it will make to lives of hundreds of these children, who didn’t choose their lives. And giving them an opportunity to make full choices in their future lives is what we strive for.

Thank you again, Stephen, for support and inspiration.
Will look forward to your reply, I hope this message will get to you soon.

Warmest wishes,
Dennis Kovalev,
Moscow, Russia

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