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Posted Tue Sep 22nd, 2009 8:27pm Post subject: A poem - nub ends

Climb up the hill
Away from the city
In the dewy still

The Gold gives up vermilion thread
Then lilac swirl
And I say -
'How could I have been so right
And everything turned so wrong
Ne'er to make sense to anyone?'

So we'll drink deep my friend
I'll light another my friend
From this dying nub end.

And you cry -
'How could so much beauty
Fall in to the hacks of gluttony?
Our history is written
By liars and thieves,
By killers who stab empty
At life's beauties and mysteries.
Now all's gone cold...

So drink deep my friend
I'll open another my friend
Light up another from the embers
Of this dying numb end

And on top of this hill
Where the world is all dewy and still
I'll kiss away your fears
Wipe away all tears
Just for the sake of your company
And see the moon break free
All colours run through me
And sleep among dead leaves
And the shiver of trees
Till I'm a track in the earth
Part of a new birth
Who's forgotten them self with ease.

Breaking contradictions in his mind was, to him, like walking through a winter forest snapping twigs underfoot.

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Posted Wed Sep 23rd, 2009 12:55am Post subject: A poem - nub ends

There are parts of this I really like and other parts that slip right past me. And that's poetry.

Really? Wow.

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