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Posted Wed Aug 22nd, 2007 5:36am Post subject: A Poem, to Stephen Fry I dare say.
Hello, this is my first post so introductions are in order. I'm Jape. That's that then.

I wrote a poem recently, although I am a keen writer I very rarely if ever write poetry. Anyway, I wrote at a time I was feeling a little blue shall we say. It seemed to me a little twee to be honest but I quite liked it on looking back.

Also on reading back (it was more a splurge than a construct) despite its subject matter I realised it was about dear Mr. Fry to some extent, for during my down time "Moab is My Washpot" only left my gaze while my newly arrived "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" DVD boxset graced the screen. Then only hours after I had watched Mr. Fry's Birthday Tribute on BBC Four, this piece suddenly appeared. I hope you enjoy:

A lighthouse in a stormy sea,
Amidst the crashing waves,
I see a blinding light of purity,
Unenviable attacks it braves,

Although cracked and worn,
I see a graceful giant,
Holding with a silent stoic scorn,
Burning bright defiant!

Waters brooding dark,
Lost within the mist,
It appear the stable ark,
Though the seas resist,

Cross to it I struggle I try,
Though oceans hold me back,
This is it to live or die,
Fears encroach to if I lack,

But I look to burning beacon,
Besieged by swimming throng,
For it can never weaken,
My heart is swelled is strong-

A lighthouse in a stormy sea!

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