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Posted Sun Feb 3rd, 2008 2:31pm Post subject: A POEM WOT I WROTE



Excessive baggage over loading,
She can feel her head exploding,
Though she is not prone to moaning,
She really needs comfort not goading.

Her head is full, her heart is heavy,
Most of her life is spent out on the bevy,
And her love life is never ever steady,
She’ll find true love when she is ready.

Up and down, up and down,
Sometimes morose, sometimes a clown.
Life is becoming just one big blur,
She can’t really tell you what it is for.

Drink and drugs, drink and drugs,
Mixing it up with a load of thugs.
Respectable girl has gone to the wall,
Her family no longer standing tall.

It’ll end badly this she does know,
Down in the gutter covered in snow,
Unless a Samaritan happens along,
This could well be her swan song.

Pulled up sharply by a WPC,
A whole night in the cells for free,
Drunk and disorderly, possession of drugs,
And she won’t even grass on the thugs.

Community service, drug rehabilitation
Finally on the right medication ,
Sensible girl is now back on line,
Seems that WPC saved her just in time.

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