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Posted Sun Jan 20th, 2013 11:30pm Post subject: A question!

Good evening Mr Fry, and everyone who should be reading this.
I have been an avid fan of your work for some time now, having started off on your sketches with Mr Laurie and the ever-brilliant Jeeves and Wooster. What amazed me the most was Your way with words and the view on language itself.
I'm not a native English speaker but I've been learning the language for approximately 11 years and I dare think that I have a reasonable grasp of both written and spoken language. But I don't consider my learning days over, after all, I'm merely 18! My question is this : how can I further improve my knowledge, apart from books (to which I am profoundly devoted to) and the usual school studies?

Thank you for your time!

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Posted Mon Jan 21st, 2013 11:48am Post subject: A question!

Hi Philby,
I would say books are already your best friend. Even supposed crap fiction often contains little nuggets of gold.

Sounds like you might already have English-speaking friends to talk to, but if not, get some! Regular chats are the best way to keep up your skills. Sorry I'm not Stephen Fry, but I wish you well all the same. I only speak a little bit of German besides English, and it goes downhill every year because I don't use it. I envy everyone with a decent grasp of something else. If anything, you don't feel so damn rude visiting other countries.


P.S. If all else fails, look for slang dictionaries or read a big fat English dictionary every day and look for stuff you don't know. Impossibly geeky, yes, but there's a gallimaufry of titillating verbiage out there.

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