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Posted Tue Jul 10th, 2012 11:12pm Post subject: A slightly off-topic return

Hello my dear Fry-ites! I hope today is being a good day for you.

I would like to request, if I may, a slightly off-topic audience with you all:

I am a member of old. About five years ago, I was a very, very active member of these pages - albeit under a different name. This forum saved my life, literally and figuratively, and for that I will always be grateful. I owe the people here a great deal, and hopefully I was able to repay them slightly in whatever assistance and comfort I could offer.

I have come here now, not as a BP sufferer (I was clinically depressed, but not bipolar), but as an alcoholic. An alcoholic who has quit before, but never for good. Who no longer gets into the worst depths of his dark potential - but could and nearly does regularly. Who knows that the only way he can achieve peace from this is to stop - truly stop - and that terrifies him...

Or, in plain terms: I'm going to the doctor next week, I know the time has come to end this once and for all, and I'm scared. And I remember coming here once before when I was scared, and the people here helped me to keep walking through it.

So I don't know what I want to say yet, but I wanted to set up the opportunity to say it. Please forgive me if you feel this is not the correct forum for this. It just feels like home.


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