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Posted Tue Jun 24th, 2008 11:17am Post subject: A small thank you.
This is rather self indulgent of me I know, but I'd like to register my thanks to Stephen for being a rather inspirational human being.

Thanks in no small part to him and his offerings on screen and in written form, I've managed to learn how to handle some demons, and how to go about handling myself when encountering those I can not as yet control.

His enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and learning, alongside various other aspects of his persona, have inspired me to stop gazing on as the world passes by. So for reasons too many (and frankly boring) to go into, I'm casting aside the daily grind in order to enter full time education.

No doubt there will be many fathomless troughs and mountainous peaks encountered along the way, as is the way with life - but I shall face them with girded loins and relish (insert innuendo here).

Thank you once more to Mr Fry for being the inspiration that has led me to turn my life around.


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