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Posted Tue Aug 24th, 2010 10:15pm Post subject: A very Happy Birthday, and Thank You

Thank you for...

...being you.
For questioning your own motives and opinions, for using your more painful insights to understand others, for believing in kindness...firstly, that's as close as anyone gets to actually living my ideals. And secondly, our culture could just do with so much more of it.

...sharing so generously. See above.

...working so incredibly hard. Not that one person can possibly balance out all the nastiness, superficiality and petty anger in popular culture, but it's not for want of trying .

...A Bit of Fry and Laurie . I never get tired of it.

...defending science and promoting brain usage. Another thing that the world needs so much more of.

...showing your infectious enthusiasm and curiosity. When I hear you talking about a subject that I don't know much about, I usually end up wanting to find out more about it - even if it was previously filed under "grey and dusty" in my subconscious. It might even get re-filed under "shiny".

...looking after me in a sense. I'm going through shitty times (university thesis vs. depression) and can't stand hearing my thoughts at night, so I listen to QI playing on the laptop. It's light-hearted, friendly and interesting and I can hear your voice - perfect. Of course that's just me being weird but thank you nonetheless .

Hope you're having a beautiful time and shamelessly scoffing cake - that's what birthdays are for

Here's some crisp mountain air to help with the hangover .

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