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Posted Wed Apr 1st, 2009 9:55pm Post subject: A wee poem for you
Guilty as Charged

If a single parent jumps from the fourteenth floor
If a debt swamped family are scared to open their front door
If an innocent child is battered and abused
If a terrified parent stands unjustly accused

We are all guilty

If a student failing grades takes their own life
if an alcoholic husband is allowed to beat his wife
if a teenager dies from a drink and drugs bender
if a gay man is murdered from being different from his gender

We are all to blame

If a pensioner dies from being lonely and cold
If a rape victim is silenced and nobody's told
If an ex-mental patient dies in a Lion's enclosure
if a life is damaged through media exposure

We are all part of it

If a man is knee capped for telling the truth
if a child through liberal schooling is robbed of their youth
if a killer is freed as a result of good behavior
if we believe that money is our only saviour

We are all blameworthy

If a pedofile is allowed to remain a catholic priest
If one starving child is deprived of a feast
If our youth are completely deprived of hope
if a mother on drugs is unable to cope

We are all culpable

If we allow a nuclear warhead to be attached to a rocket
if we think we can solve all this from the change in our pocket
If we do nothing as usual but moan and bleat
if we crucify each other nailing hands and feet

We are all part of the problem

it's not enough to care in our head
action not words are needed instead
no one is exempt from this poetic abuse
if we still do nothing we have no excuse
And remain guilty as charged

Just thought I would post this to cheer everyone up. I occaisionally put pen to paper and try to fashion some poetry. Problem is it usually comes out morbid or judgemental,............... this one is the cheeriest i could find


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Chris Mac


Posted Wed Apr 1st, 2009 10:49pm Post subject: A wee poem for you
I love it!! Excellent poem. One I would recommend every teacher to give to their pupils. Despite the bad press our youngsters get, I still have faith that many of them will sort out the mess that's left behind for them.

Ideal world? We can still hope.

Thanks sheepchrist.

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