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Posted Wed Sep 3rd, 2008 3:26am Post subject: Alphabet, horoscopes and compliance
Three things – although only the final relates directly to your podgram, the others being inspired by things you said.

Firstly, your mentioning ‘double-you’ reminded me of an aspect of the alphabet that seems illogical, and that you, or someone, might have an answer.

Why does ‘M’ come before ‘N’.

1 comes before 2, 2 before 22, U before W (or V before VV) so why doesn’t the one humped N come after the double humped M? One suggestion is that the single humped dromedary camel evolved before the bactrian, but there’s not evidence I can find to support that and I’m sure it’s rubbish seeing as I made it up. It’s not really anything to do with your podgram but I thought it something you might know.

Secondly. I didn’t read your article on astrology but I reckon there is a slim possibility of there being some science to it. The thinking goes that as we spend our first nine months in an aquatic environment, and as the moon has proved itself as having a quite dramatic affect on the waters of the world, there is a possibility that if, for example, a series of high tides occurs during the development of our central nervous system, the increased pressure could influence how we emerge. So when we our born would indirectly have an affect on what or who we are. Premature and late births would throw this out a bit and the conception would be a better gauge of whether we would be meeting anyone tall and dark.

Understanding this could mean we could plan a population of decent types but figuring out when the best high tides were and conceiving a suitable number of months before. I would lead to short window when the clamour for birthday cards might outweigh supply, but what great parties full of really lovely people all celebrating their birthdays we could enjoy.

Finally, regarding the ‘seatbelts and no phones during car chases’. If setting an example to the young is so important, perhaps actors should be seen adjusting their mirror before driving away, and following the ‘mirror – signal – maneuver’ routine some of us had drilled into us when learning. It would slow up the initial stages of any car chase but just imagine the positive message that would give to our youngsters!

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