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Posted Sat Aug 25th, 2012 7:29pm Post subject: "An Unpromising Sky"

I stare out into the evening sky;

it seems so nonchalant and so very bland;

I find myself wondering what will become of this land;

it's hard not to feel irate at times, it's hard to stay calm;

perhaps I should go back to reading the Bible and lose myself in a peaceful Psalm?

The raindrops are steadily falling;

my inner-voice is silently calling;

will you please get on with what you need to, and for God sake, stop stalling!

Yes it's true I can dream. I can dream for Scotland, there is absolutely no doubt.

Yet I'm feeling sulky so I'm going to stand here and pout!

***********************************************************************A VERY TRANQUIL EVENING TO YOU ALL:)

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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