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Posted Thu Oct 7th, 2010 11:48am Post subject: ANN WIDDICOMBE!

Not aware that “god” has any laws. I was just angry at her repeated “what’s wrong with that then? What’s wrong with that then?” every time she sited a “commandment”. The Mosaic commandments are so evidently the hysterical drivel of a mad desert people (my own people as it happens) that they don’t deserve the dignity of anything other than anthropological curiosity and amused contempt. They have no more moral authority than any other set of preposterous, ill-thought out and inconsequential assertions. Besides how dare a “loving” creator be so arrogant and egotistical as to create a race of beings and then boss them about with these ludicrous “commandments”. I mean, frankly.
It’s not what’s wrong with the commandments —insistence on being worshipped, (you’re the supreme being for heaven’s sake, you need to be worshipped???) obsession with property, bracketing women with asses and oxen, and all the rest of the otherwise tediously obvious statements about the wrongness of theft and murder which ALL cultures have and will always have without the unnecessary invention of any “god”— no, those are bad enough, it’s the commandments that are MISSING. No mention of the wickedness of cruelty, exploitation, torture or abuse … all vices cheerfully condoned and practised by the old testament deity as capriciously and viciously as by any other tinpot tyrant. No mention of tolerance, decency, kindness, openness, freedom – all qualities actively disdained by that entity. Oh, it’s so self-evident that the decalogue is absolutely no basis for any kind of law, moral, theological, social, political or any other kind. Dozens of world religions have infinitely better, smarter, kinder precepts. And more importantly, all the laws we need for our world to work have developed out of humanism and the enlightenment, in reaction against precisely the kind of absurd nonsense that ecclesiasticism and the tyranny of revealed religion promulgated for centuries. The 10 Commandments have encouraged in their name torture and obscene cruelty, and they have endorsed and propped up censorship, opposition to freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of thought even. They are useless practically, morally, ethically, socially, politically and even theologically.

Incidentally, she interrupted me a great deal more than I did her. Hitchens and I were edited to look intolerant. I only agreed to do the interview because I felt guilty at what an unholy (in every sense) idiot she made of herself in the debate on catholicism that preceded that interview. Well, she got her revenge by making us look like the intolerant ones. But we don’t preach intolerance, she and her church most specifically do. I’m tired of being expected to show “respect” for these odious, creepy and preternaturally stupid people and their “beliefs”.

Enough, already. Let’s just grow up, shall we?

With regards to the Old Testament, you're right that it is imperfect (The attempt to make sense of and control the world around them). Remember Christ talking about sheep? Well that is most people isn't it, even nowadays? The Gnostics considered the God of the Old Testament a bit of a bugger didn't they and where are they now? Like Hitler said, the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed. Again Christ was more tolerant, seeing the same thing but trying 'gently' to wake people up and grow up (Ann Widdicombe for instance went on the defensive and attacked you and Hitch because she felt scared: Life is voluntary and people like this need to be encouraged in the right direction - hence certain themes in 'The Prisoner' about being an independent, responsible, creative individual rather than a follower, avoiding responsibility - God made me do it or Adolf Hitchler!). Did you see the John Swinney Panorama program on Scientology - well that was about provocation, to get you to react and make you look bad, instead of non-reactive and saintly. I for my sins was with them for a few months, until they kicked me out (Findhorn kicked me out after a few months too...strange? I am not a numb-brain, I'm a person).

Yes, they hide behind 'The Good Book' as criminals hide behind the law but you cannot make a silk percy out of cows rear. The best thing you can do is leave them in peace and hope they'll do the same to you - just watch the 'heard instinct' as Umberto Echo, I think described it.

As for the editing - think of 'Fallout' and how followers drown out the creative abilities of people: Einstein mentioned this - how success meant that he couldn't contemplate life's mysteries anymore because of public pressure upon his time (With no private time, to reflect upon the world and our decisions, how can we become anything but automatons, reacting to everything/ analysing nothing?).

Anyway back to Neil Young and listening to 'Cinnamon Girl'in relative peace (Dog barking at approaching postie again!).

As for growing up - alas that is a personal prerogative isn't it? (You can't force a plant to grow but you can cut it down and kill it. as I said life is voluntary but death is obligatory (Nobody gets out of her alive, to quote Jim Morrison)

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Posted Sat Oct 9th, 2010 6:57pm Post subject: ANN WIDDICOMBE!

In a recent radio interview Ian Hislop said he admired Anne Widdicomefair.
Dont know about you,but there's always carrots in mine.

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