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Posted Sun Feb 3rd, 2008 7:12pm Post subject: Another Poem Wot I Wrote
Francine Rainbird

She had a full blown psychiatric disorder,
No flowers were sent or put on order,
The days got longer and longer not shorter,
Visitors came in the main to see her new daughter.

The baby was well the family could tell,
But the mother sat in a corner all alone in hell,
Tears of grief and sadness constantly fell,
The doctor came & went speaking as if in a well.

Her life was on hold her family were told.
Post-natal illness unheard of in days of old,
Friends and neighbours were never told,
Baby blues ‘yes’, but the answer was to scold.

Nowadays, the mothers are treated with care,
Now everyone is becoming much more aware,
The babies & toddlers are continually there,
Partners, parents and siblings are now able to share.

The term post natal illness is more common place,
The world is slowly becoming a new place,
A mother hood no longer in disgrace,
Now tears of joy, not sadness, fall on her face.

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