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Posted Sat Feb 2nd, 2013 1:18am Post subject: Anti-Fry Heresy from Australia!

Here's a recent article in one of our local newspapers.

The headline reads "Less Fry, more Tassie, ABC Senate inquiry hears".

Some former has-been, a Ms. Margaret Reynolds, was moaning that there was too much Stephen Fry on our national broadcaster.

Burn the witch I say! Too much Fry!?? No such thing is possible! I thoroughly enjoy watching the antics on QI, and find it intellectually stimulating and entertaining. Our family really enjoyed Last Chance to See, and I purchased the DVD series.

Stephen Fry enriches our lives with the entertaining and thought provoking presentations, and Australians adore the man and his work.

Let not the banal opinion of one woman tar all antipodeans with the same brush! Carry on Mr. Fry, you are doing a fantastic job, we enjoy your work, and if you were on television here every night of the week, I think our community would be better for it!

from Brian.

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Posted Sat Feb 2nd, 2013 8:13am Post subject: Anti-Fry Heresy from Australia!

ditto, Brian

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