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Posted Sat Feb 17th, 2007 4:12pm Post subject: Any other cavemen out there?

I have had the most terryifying experiences in life, including nearly drowning and childbirth. But by far the worst has been 'The Zombie experience'which I had . No one could tell me what was wrong... and I couldnt tell them. I just felt terrified and unable to communicate. Rather like plonking a caveman into the 21st century and expecting him/her to understand it all. I was passed around casualty, fully aware but unable to relate to the 'real' world.Unbarable torture for two hours.Then I remembered some diazepam I had and took a couple. Only then did I come round and was able to some how explain where I had come from and what I was doing there. This was the start of my downward spiral.

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