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Posted Thu Mar 27th, 2008 10:19pm Post subject: Anyone else do this?
I have imaginary conversations in my head all the time. I write them down and pad my novel with them.

What a brilliant idea! I´m gonna pick that up. Thanks!

I´m usually having aggressive discussions going on in my head, and sometimes outside - to the mirror or reflecting objects. I ALWAYS repeat conversations in my head either instant or later, when I am alone.
A very good friend ones said; "I am so fed up by you miming all the final words in your own sentences! It´s like talking to a f´ing psycho!" And I really did and still do. I wasn´t aware until he told me and now I have to consentrate not to do it. I don´t get the content of the conversation if I leave the talk just "floating". It HAS to be chewed and swollowed in my own mind and with my enclosed feelings if I want to remember anything from the conversation.

I always feel like such a bitch when I post in this section of the forum, but is this really anything to do with manic depression?

I think you´re right and wrong. In my case this is one of my most serious everyday stress factors. I can get very agitated by fucking myself up over the postman´s "hello!". I also fall very easily into deep anxiety by some small "verbal" triggers related to my social problems, lack of integrity, skills and so on. If the rest of humanity suffers to this degree I really wonder why we´re still around.
...and no! I am not schizofrenic!

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