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Posted Wed Oct 31st, 2012 7:33pm Post subject: "Arabella's Answer"

It was a damp, dull and bleak October's day.

The rain had fallen steadily and determinedly.

Dismal doom and gloom lurked.

Arabella gazed out of the bookstore window where she worked. The books sold there were always in demand.

This was a quiet spell though, so she allowed her mind to take her off to a magical, faraway land.

She was now in Prague on some undercover, secret and very dangerous mission.

The aim of the mission? Treacherous Tim Fitzwilliam was the sole target. He was to be captured and put in prison.

Arabella adored danger; and the feeling of power it gave her.

There were no boundaries and no obstacles in her way.

"This is my destiny" she would say.

Her tactics were flawless; no margin for error.

She wanted to do this forever and ever.

Over the clinking of the crystal wine glasses, Arabella flashed a charming smile at her dinner companion.

She had only gone and lured Treacherous Tim Fitzwilliam to his cruel but deserving fate. What a silly man!

As the alcohol flowed, so did Tim's offerings of much sought after evidence.

Arabella cut to the chase and singled out only the matters of relevance.

She smiled another innocent smile. Tim was now confessing to his heart's content.

"Yes it's me, I'm a wanted man. I'm the ringleader. They can't catch me though. No, I'm far too smart. My vanishing manoueuvres are a fine work of art."

He greedily gulped down yet more wine. Laugh, laugh, laughing away. Sure enough in time the flirting began. He tried to break her cast-iron heart.

"Tell me, where do you see us in the future, Arabella?"

"For you, Tim I see nothing but a darkened, cold prison cell; with only a small skylight to catch the tiniest glimpse of the outside world you once wandered freely in.

For you see I've at this moment recorded every word you have just uttered from your mouth on my secret, top of the range spy camera."

That was Arabella's Answer:)

"This is me - don't try and change it..."

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