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Nancy J Clemance


Posted Thu Sep 10th, 2009 12:07pm Post subject: Artists Taking the Lead:Hutliving for Beds, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs, Essex Herts

Dear Stephen,

I'm hoping as a Norfolk boy, a Cambridge man of culture and an enthusiastic walker for mental and physical health you might be interested in Hutliving.

I have a grant to work on the viability of Hutlving and have already received really encouraging support from galleries, individual artists and national organisations. I will be presenting my findings on viability to the panel on 5 October and by email on 21 September so if you would like to send any support
or ideas as to how you think Hutliving might work best in your area I'd love to hear from you by email or via

We are pleased to announce that Hutliving has been shortlisted for the Artists taking the lead commission in the East. Artists taking the lead is part of London 2012’s Cultural Olympiad and challenged artists across the UK to submit ideas for works of art to celebrate 2012. It is being delivered and funded by the Arts Councils of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and will result in twelve commissions, one in each of the English regions and one in each of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Out of the 2163 submissions received across the UK, 59 have been shortlisted, with between 3 and 5 shortlisted commissions in each nation or region.

The potted idea:
2010 produce a Hutliving publication with shepherd hut history, map of the forthcoming 6 static huts with contemporary art commissions, map of the route
of the shepherd's hut which will tour the region complete with another 6 commissions, information on the commissioned artists and their hut projects plus info on related participant projects and activities for families/schools/individuals.

2011 A national organisation to host an easily accessed static shepherd's hut on one site in each county for at least two months between March and October. The hut will contain its contemporary commission which may focus on dance, poetry, visual art or singing. Local young people engaged in Arts Award/Creative and Media Diploma will be encouraged to work with older people who have historic knowledge, and with the commissioned artists to provide an enhanced visitor experience and to inform their own studies. These six hutbased exhibitions to run consecutively.

2012 One shepherd's hut to tour the regional galleries with a rolling exhibition of six contemporary art commissions, one per county/gallery. Related projects
and activities will be tailored to the local galleries/communities via gallery education officers. Each gallery will have the hut for two weeks and the hut will
conclude its tour at the Olympic Village for the Games.

Thanks for your time.


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