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Posted Tue Mar 30th, 2010 10:02am Post subject: as long a s you love me

In the quiet night, accompanied by the rhythmic music, I am sitting in front of the computer, streams of thoughts flowing through the tip of my fingers.

My love, you are so faraway from me in space, but so near in my mind's eye. I hang on to my precious memory, keeping it safe in the depth of my heart where it won't fade away or be altered by the outside world.

My love, wherever you go, please remember, I will keep a close watch on you, like the twinkling stars, giving you my blessing and worship all along your journey. Even if we are separated by long distance, our hearts will beat as one.

It is this deep love and faith that gives me the strength to brave storms and any hardship in my life. Drawing back the thoughts, I look up at the night sky. That starry heaven with a flash, a meteor shot across the night sky, leaving a graceful arc, I make a vow to god, that is for my love, for my dream, for the happiness in my life.

As long as you love me, I will always be here to spare a clean room for you. As long as you love me, I will stand beside the window waiting for a miracle. As long as you love me. I don't care how much loneliness I will affront, I don't care how much obstacle I will overcome. I don't care whether you show your love or not, I don't care how many honeys you have, I just care whether love is still there in your heart, I just care whether your space is still mapped with my shadow. As long as you love me.

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