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Posted Thu Dec 15th, 2011 3:49pm Post subject: Assistive Technology and Apple

Why oh why does it seem that AT producers can't seem to make software etc that works on my beloved iMac, iPad and iPhone? Is it the Apple OS? I had a demo of Eyegaze yesterday and it would suit me down to the ground to communicate and operate my environmental controls (tv etc) just using my eyes but, it doesn't work on Mac!!!

PLEASE Apple can you do something for us Mac loving people with disabilities??

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Posted Sat Dec 17th, 2011 7:40am Post subject: Assistive Technology and Apple

I would not give up on the idea of finding a software solution via the Google search engine. I'm sure some app writer, if the poor things have managed to run the incredibly odd gauntlet Apple forces them to run, has done something assisstive by now.

I can't prove it to myself, or you, right now as I'm nowhere near my macs but I could've sworn that there's assisstive tech if you go in through System Preferences. If it's text magnifcation you need, this can usually be achieved by a hotkey combo of Ctrl and +...or cmd and +...and Apple does have text to speech features built in if you need that...heck i've used that many times to read my emails to me so i could zombie around trying to make coffee...

is there a particular assistance you need? be that specific in your google search and good luck

Really? Wow.

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