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Posted Sat May 30th, 2009 8:13am Post subject: AudioBooHoo
I just sent this below to the support folk at AudioBoo.

I really should wait a decent 12 hours before saying something like "That Stephen Fry could sell for Microsoft, he's so persuasive! Maybe he should, because then I would KNOW the software he recommends is no good!" but that would be rude.


I was trying to sign up for an AudioBoo account, after being so impressed with Stephen Fry's use of your tech, and how much he talked it up.

Well, I installed the app from the App store, then tried to set it up this afternoon from my iPhone. All well and good, I thought, until the result of clicking on the follow this link brought me to a mostly, nearly nicely done screen saying, "OOOPS! Something horribly wrong has happened. Please contact audioboo support."

The latter being in the smallest imaginable size, in the least contrast of colours, that I have ever seen purposefully designed for the iPhone. Oh, and a lot of your divs don't align properly. Oh, wait, that wasn't you, that was the PeakFM website… nevermind, it wasn't easy to tell that the latter part of that dialog message was actually TEXT until I zoomed quite a bit.

Anyway, I hope you can fix my account, otherwise I'll either have to try again, or maybe just forget about it and wait for the next good shiny thing to come along.

I hope you'll let me know if something changes;



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