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Posted Mon Jan 19th, 2009 6:24pm Post subject: Author
Hello All,

Hope its all right to ask; I'm about to release my second novel. I'm a huge fan of Stephen's work, and the great man himself was even kind enough to write back to me when I sent him a copy of my first novel. I'd really like to get some feedback from readers of my work, and I'd really like those who visit here to maybe stop by my site and let me know what they think.

I'm obviously different to Mr Fry in my novel-writing style (the man's a genius and I'm not!) but I aspire to greatness from my little desk and I'm dying for feedback.

If anyone has questions about my book, I'd gladly answer them, and the book is out from the end of the month. I'm excited, nervous and excited in about equal measure about it being 'out there' feedback is enormously appreciated. If you like the sample chapters and would like to pre-order a copy you can, but that really would be beyond nice.

Thanks for reading

Paul Seaton

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