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Posted Mon Jan 10th, 2011 6:23pm Post subject: Banana Skins

Mr Fry, sir, you are truly a national treasure, albeit rather young to be one. However, some of your advisors on QI are blackguards, scoundrels and, in all probability, footpads.

Twice (I think) on QI recently, you were advised to advise that slipping on a banana skin is a fallacy - a piece of folk mythology - and that banana skins are not slippery. Whoever fed you such information is a fool and a charlatan, as the large grazed area on my left knee-cap bears witness; indeed, had it not been for my determination to cling, limpet-like, to my shopping trolley in Canterbury's multi-storey carpark last week, I would most probably have suffered cranial injury.

It was one of those "slow-motion" events, where one knows what's happening but can't do a damned thing to stop it. My left leg slipped backwards at a rapid speed (my foot at the end of said leg having, as I soon discovered, encountered a discarded banana skin), causing me to kneel in a skidding motion, finishing the skid in a position where I appeared to be proposing marriage to the trolley.

The wonder of the whole event was that I managed to remove most of the skin from my knee while leaving the trouser leg that covered it completely undamaged. How can that have occurred? (Not that it matters: skin regrows, free of charge, whereas trousers are expensive.)

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A Jolly Oaf


Posted Thu Jan 13th, 2011 11:01pm Post subject: Banana Skins

While I have never had the misfortune to fall prey to a splayed banana skn, for so they are always portrayed, I know I questioned this piece of what, if true, would have been quite interesting information as well. To start with, the banana skin itself has a dry outside and damp and slippery interior when fresh; ergo, as it dries, it becomes less slippey. However, given that the offending banana skin's freshness, its susceptibility to cause difficulty to an individual's capacity to maintain a vertical state will be dependent on that individual's weight and angle of movement when making connection with the aforesaid banana skin.
However, I believe there is more important question here; are your trousers trustworthy? Will they protect you when needed or hurt you or let you down when you most want their protecion and comfort. Are trousers more dangerous tha banana skins? What are the statistics for trouser related accidents against those caused by banana skins? I think we have a right to know.

"Insanity is the sane man's response to an insane world" R.D. Laing

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