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Posted Thu Dec 27th, 2012 12:24am Post subject: Best countries for Women

What is sad about this list, is that things, worldwide, are only slightly better for women compared to twenty years ago. If you click the link to look at the full list, brace yourself to be disheartened.

I am rather annoyed that my own country ranks so low still and was surprised to see things are better in China for women than they are in Mexico. Remember there was a thing called 'foot binding' once upon a time and it was invented to keep women from running away ( kind of like high heels ).

I would really like to see disenfranchised groups come together rather than have seperate agendas. For example, since many feminists are also involved in LGBT rights and issues, why not combine their power together under one organization that worked to ALL of their interests together? Also, for those gay males who are still spouting
and in support of mysognistic ideals, agendas, and need to check yourselves, seriously. Don't forget that for some of you in your youths, many girls and women befriended you when no one else would.

I say that because I've heard gay men say incredibly sexist things and sometimes to get the approval of straight men who would otherwise not like them, as well as friends who got through primary school primarily because of girls who stuck by them. Your female friends
are not 'fag hags', so be cool.

So long as the internetz are harboring everything from insane conspiracy theory, bigotry, and 'mens movements', anyone that is considered 'enemies' of these groups ignorance and hatred
are going to continue to be harassed, bullied, beaten, raped, and murdered in the real world.

I know in my own state gay people have been murdered or beaten, specifically because they were gay, in the last year. That's not even including the immense domestic violence which
is now getting indirect legislative approval by the laws now on the books against both heterosexual and homosexual civil unions. All state employees who are not married and/or are gay, no longer can cover their partners within their medical, dental, retirement, or inheritance coverages. This leaves those people vunerable to domestic violence as well because if they are attacked and the police are called, they cannot be protected any specific domestic violence laws.

If there is no equality under the law for everyone, then there is no real justice for anyone. Thankfully, there are people globally working on these issues but they can't always just pull everyone else's weight along, so lend them your support when you can, thank you.

Really? Wow.

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