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Posted Fri Mar 6th, 2009 6:39pm Post subject: Bipolar

Sorry, I haven't scrolled through many of these topics so I don't know if this issue has been addressed, and if I am the thousandth person to write about this and my experiences of it (if so I humbly apologise in advance and advise you to not continue reading!)

I've recently been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, after having been misdiagnosed with depression (that was resistent to treatment), a diagnosis I've had for 4 years. I am 24 years old.

I find the prospect of learning to cope with this illness for the rest of my life overwhelming really. I don't know anyone who has a similar experience of life, or really understands what it is like to conduct your life at times under the dense cloud of depression, at others in a hyper, energetic state and at others still in a intensely agitated, anxious, buzzing negative energy state. It is, all of it, chronically exhausting. I feel like the times when I actually feel like myself are becoming fewer and fewer, and I am somewhat despairing at my prospects for a "normal" life, in which I can live the way I would like.

Sorry I didn't mean to come on here and just pathetically moan, I just wondered if Stephen saw this, if he might offer me some insight or condolence based on his own experience of this illness. I saw his documentary and it very much resonated with me and my own experiences. I find myself feeling hopeless and desiring someone or something to re-ignite the candle that flickers at the end of this increasingly gloomy tunnel.

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Posted Fri Mar 6th, 2009 7:38pm Post subject: Bipolar
Hi there

Stephen himself doesn't get on to the forums very often, I'm led to believe - I expect he's too busy most of the time - but if you click here you will find a whole section of the forum dedicated to just such matters; and where a great deal of the members who post frequently suffer from very similar conditions.

Take care,

I'm a histrionic, holistic, herculean halibut.


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Posted Sat Mar 7th, 2009 7:07am Post subject: Bipolar
Just know that you aren't alone in your feelings. Just strive to make the most of it and above all, you're not alone.

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Posted Mon Mar 9th, 2009 11:18am Post subject: Bipolar
It is, of course, very daunting. Hope you don't mind me offering a little bit; don't be embarrassed by it - that can be a hindrance to accepting help from people around you who would like to.
Strive to do something you really want to do or maybe try doing something worthwhile, like volunteering.
I'm not an expert or anything but hopefully these things might help. Keeping your mind active is a big thing and doing something worthwhile or something you really want to do might give you a big sense of achievement and pride, which may well help you get through the lower times.
Annoyingly, there isn't much anyone can say to make you feel better but there are plenty out there (and on here!) who can empathise and hopefully, you'll be able to plow your way through things and come out the other side. At 24 years old - you can do it!
All the very best to you.

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Maxx England


Posted Mon Mar 9th, 2009 7:41pm Post subject: Bipolar
Laurita, my entire family is plagued with it. You will develop the mental muscles to cope, and occasionally you will see the other side of the coin, the one that has the creative and human face. The evil that is The Black Dog cannot be undersetimated, but have faith, believe those of us that have it for company, when your sun shines, it's the most beautiful thing there is because you know the contrast with the dark.

From all of us, I reach out the hand of friendship and care.

The only way is forward. Now where's the bar?

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