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Posted Sat Dec 20th, 2008 4:57pm Post subject: Bipolar Disorderings
Hi people,

I don't know exactly where else I should put this kind of post, but I recently started writing a diary out of pure curiosity. I have been told by my GP and some other student nurses that I may have bipolar disorder. To be honest, until I was told I may have it, I had never understood nor cared about it. Purely ignorance.

So in short; I decided to document my everyday thoughts and activities in the hope of painting a picture for myself of how the condition affects me. Just a little personal experiment. But then I decided I would quite like to share my experiences with others, so that maybe they can relate or offer advice or feedback... anything really. You may think this is an interesting experiment or you may think I am a blabbering idiot. Either way, take a look if you are interested and have the time.

By the way, I have read 'The Unexplainable Whimsy Of The NHS' post, and agree entirely. At least now I know I'm not the only one who has had problems with said QUANGO. I believe that it is hard for the older generations, even within the medical profession, to accept that mental illnesses even exist sometimes. In fact, I know of a few nurses and doctors who refuse to acknowledge mental illnesses as 'real' illnesses.

Anyway, sorry again if this is the wrong place to post this kind of thing, and thanks for reading.

Marc x

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