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Posted Tue Aug 21st, 2012 9:25am Post subject: Birthday Wishes, Mr Fry!

Dear Mr Fry, I feel like I know you well enough to call you Stephen, having travelled with you to the most exotic places on Earth through 'Last Chance', across the USA and to countless other places on Planet Word...exhilarating! I've loved every second of our time together and you have given me a great deal of joy. I don't expect that we will ever meet in person, as I live in Australia (and would dearly love for you to visit here again)and you are all over the place. Nonetheless, I want to wish you a very happy birthday for Friday and hope you enjoy your special day. Fond regards, Kjooles x

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Shad Tkhom


Posted Fri Aug 24th, 2012 7:40am Post subject: Birthday Wishes, Mr Fry!

MAZAL TOV, Mr. Stephen Fry !

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Posted Wed Nov 21st, 2012 8:28am Post subject: Birthday Wishes, Mr Fry!

Cherish what you already have and do not feel sorry about what you have lost. Most people just complain all the day and ignore something really important. Be a person who are good at discover the beauty of life. Then you will live a happy one.

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Posted Wed Dec 5th, 2012 6:17pm Post subject: Birthday Wishes, Mr Fry!

I wish you many many Happy Birthday MR FRY....

Nice to meet you great person...

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Posted Thu Jan 31st, 2013 10:26pm Post subject: Birthday Wishes, Mr Fry!

Dear Mr. Stephen,

Can you take some of your precious time and read through this message until the end? My name is Dima. Despite the fact that you don’t know me, I need your help in a very important for me issue.

My girlfriend has a birthday soon. She admires the work of Nicole Scherzinger and every day listens her songs. I would like to send a message to Nicole personally, but I understand that she has millions of fans, and don’t have time to read all the messages that she receives. Also, there are a lot of fake celebrities.

I want to ask Nicole to congratulate my girlfriend with her birthday because she is not in her best times right now and at the crossroads of choosing her future life. With Nicole’s congratulations I want to show my girlfriend that everything is possible if you really aspire to something. Some time ago, she held a belief that everything in this life can be achieved if one really wishes it and doing something to achieve the goal. She was self-confident and this is one of the many reasons why I love her. But lately, she wilted and stopped to believe in herself. But I believe in her and in her great potential! After all, for a person to realize her goals is important to have faith in the first place. And I want her to keep believing in herself.

I want to give her a miracle and make her happy. To make her heart beat faster and make her truly happy in the most important day, after receiving a greeting from a person whom she admires and likes. Dreams have to come true after all!! Please, trust me, I am asking this only because of my deep and sincere feelings for my beloved.

I know that you are acquainted with Nicole, and if you will have the opportunity, please give her a letter I wrote to her.

Please help my girlfriend to return self-confidence! And please help me in reaching Nicole with my message.

This is a letter I wrote to Nicole:

«Dear Nicole,

Often, we look up at stars and dream to get closer to them. We ask the skies to make our dreams come true…My girlfriend, who loves your songs, will have a birthday soon.

Can you write her a birthday wish? I hope that when she reads it, her heart starts beating faster. And in this the most important day she will feel sincere happiness. Please tell her that if she decided to become the best LAWYER, she should realize this life goal, sine the success is in her hands! Her birthday is 14th of February.

With your help she will remember this day for all her life. I do this because I have real and genuine feelings for a loved one!

Please help me prove to a person who I cherish that dreams come true!»

All the best!


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Posted Tue Aug 27th, 2013 8:29am Post subject: Birthday Wishes, Mr Fry!

Happy Birthday dear boy. Hope your being throughly spoiled as you soooo deserve...its my birthday today too, and its going really well so far... lots of love to you!
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