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Posted Mon Feb 4th, 2008 10:04am Post subject: blah blah blah. i wish i were a superhero. just a rant.
argh. random bad moods suck, when you have so much energy that you can't do anything with it, but feel like killing people at the same time. now i have launched into one of my incessant-typing moods, so my lj is spilling over the edges with useless, meaningless, incoherent babble. if i don't do this i'll end up doing something destructive, such as eating until i'm sick. i really hate, hate, hate being the last one in the house to go to sleep, because then i hear noises and then can imagine people coming into my room and moving around. then my body clock seems set to wake me up at six every day. then i end up with stupid, useless energy that makes me want to argue with everybody and be obnoxious. then all the time i can just see my whole life stretching away in front of me and how it looks like a bland, empty surface. every person seems so happy, so then i imagine how every person will die one day and how they will. sometimes i am really an awful person. damnit this is turning (did it ever turn?) into a self-centred whine. argh. well, have to keep typing i suppose. you don't have to read this, you know, if you don't want to. i just had this typing neeed and now am going back to lj to confound my friends and enemies. good day to you. damn.

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