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Mr Angry


Posted Mon Sep 3rd, 2012 10:27pm Post subject: Bombs.....

Ok, so here it is is a well known fact that the bombs that we and the Americans are dropping are considerably more expensive than the targets that are blown up! Surely, it would be more economical to simply buy Iraq than it would be to destroy it. It's almost as if you can picture it, 'Here's you money and all we want is you out of the country by Friday at the close of business'.
Maybe it's just me but, please try to explain to me why is it more acceptable to use funds from the public purse to kill people than helping them? I suppose it comes as no real shock that all our respective Governments cut welfare/benefits and throw vagrants in jail.

This makes my blood boil so much that, I cannot wait to return the favour on these bent politicians one day. You can trust me because I've got a suit on, pah!!!!

Mr Angry

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