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Posted Fri Nov 13th, 2009 6:16pm Post subject: book of scurrilous limericks

I think I've finally found the right part of the forum to post my comment - I heard something on Danny Baker's show last week, but didn't catch much of what they were saying, about a book of limericks that our Mr Fry has done an introduction to (and can I just use that word scurrilous here one more time...? I'll probably never need to use it in my life again, and here I am writing it twice in one day!!) It sounds like it's a bit rude, and a bit surreal. Somebody on the general forum very kindly sent me a link for it -

and it looks lovely. I wanted to know, has anybody read it yet? Is it any good? I was thinking of buying it for a christmas present for my brother

Thanking you all very kindly


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Posted Wed Jul 14th, 2010 4:42pm Post subject: book of scurrilous limericks

Some strange people began foulest action -
Book of scurrilous limericks production?!
Would my laugh be homeric,
And theirs project chimeric -
If they haven’t Mr.’s Fry Introduction

Love to all

This is your home now, Joe.

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