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Posted Wed Dec 17th, 2008 10:23pm Post subject: Broken Arm and Boredom
having just listened to mr Fry's first podcast about his broken arm, i thought the fact that future ones would be written and organised disappointing. the idea that he just sat down and waffled to us, as if he were chatting over the phone, i found to be greatly enjoyable. It's nice to know what people whom you admire are doing and how they feel. It becomes a journey into there core, so that you can learn and understand them better, its a more personal experiance, which i, personally, believe is the whole aim of podcasts.

What is worse than boredom? normlly i have a million things that need my attention, right now i have nothing bar wondering whether i should have another can of coke?

But anyway to conclude. thankyou Mr Fry, your podcasts have and will keep me enthralled and entertained.

enjoy america.

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