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Posted Thu Jul 30th, 2009 1:50pm Post subject: Bwindi community in Uganda
I appreciate this is probably the wrong forum to raise this, but here goes anyway!

Clearly Mr Fry is one of this country’s leading actors. I'm also aware that Mr Fry has supported the Bwindi community in Uganda as I have seen footage of Mr Fry at the Bwindi Community Hospital.

I have just returned from Bwindi where I visited the local community (as well as the mountain Gorillas!).

I work for the Co-Operative in England. My colleagues in the Life & Savings department raise money for good causes each year. This year we are raising money to help the Bwindi community.

And here is where the acting/Bwindi connection comes in;

To this end we are putting on a professional production of Alan Bennett's A Chip In The Sugar. The performance will be held in a theatre located in the Manchester Head Office's of the Co-Operative.

I appreciate Mr Fry is a very busy man, however I'd like to extend an invite to Mr Fry as Guest Of Honour at the gala launch night of the production. This will be attended by Co-Operative executives and will hopefully receive local press coverage. The production will take place on 15th September 2009.

If Mr Fry is unable to attend it would be great if he could write a few lines of encouragement for Jon Taylor, a Co-Operative colleague who is performing. Jon is a keen actor and very good performer, however something of this nature is new to him, so a few words of encouragement from Mr Fry will go a very long way and mean a lot to Jon.

Hopefully Mr Fry will get this message. I'm happy to provide a phone number to discuss further, and an address so Mr Fry can forward any written communication.

Many thanks.

Paul, the Co-Operative

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