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Posted Wed Jul 7th, 2010 3:43am Post subject: Bye-bye Kingdom!

Well, I signed the petition as well, However, there was no reason for Kingdom to be cancelled, It was and still is a big hit here in the US. Especially on pbs right next to Doc Martin and all other shows. I look foward to seeing the 4,5,6,7,8,9,and 10 more season of Kingdom. HEY MUNK latested 8 season and 22 episode each and it won a lot of awards.
As the old saying goes, Never Say Never and that was a great bond film too. Anyway, try A&E chanell they show alot of brittish shows on there. Perhaps Kingdom can be revived on that channel and make more seasons.
Here is my link to seemy show of the Bay Area, so when you come here to California in the San Francisco Bay Area you'll know where to go because you seen my travel show in where to go. here is the link watch, learn and enjoy We love to see you visit here in california.
Just to let you know We're not giving UP on Kingdom! We like that show to much to just let it go. We love to see more.

Joe Rayborne

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Mystic River


Posted Sun Jul 11th, 2010 5:34pm Post subject: Bye-bye Kingdom!

I wanted to find out what Kingdom was after seeing this thread so I bought series 1 and 2. I also mistakenly started on disk 2 instead of 1, but what I saw, I enjoyed.

I live in Germany and really miss England sometimes , I find it hard being a foreigner and having to work in German all day and everyday (even though I am an English teacher). I especially miss some of the really good dramas and comedies. This is so very English and so nice I can't wait to watch the episodes.

There is always love.

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Posted Sun Jul 11th, 2010 9:24pm Post subject: Bye-bye Kingdom!

WHY OH WHY IS KINGDOM FINISHING......WE ARE SHOCKED...APPALLED.....SUCH AN AMAZING DRAMA....PLEASE, PLEASE....RECONSIDER!!! BRING KINDGDOM BACK!!!!! STEPHEN YOU ARE AMAZING IN THIS ROLE - AND IN QI AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT YOU DO - BUT KINGDOM IS SOMETHING ELSE - QUITE SIMPLY WONDERFUL! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! SUCH WONDERFUL CHARACTERS played by Hermione Norris, Celia Imrie, Karl Davies, Phyllida Law and Tony Slattery. wonderful story line - this series is a refreshing change from the enormous amount of drivel on the TV - thoughtful, caring, uplifting, feelgood, dealt with a variety of social issues in am interesting and sensitive manner. Beautiful filming, lighting - in short an all round successful programme to which so many people can relate!
Please reconsider!!! A programme of this calibre does not come along very often!


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Posted Tue Jul 13th, 2010 1:03pm Post subject: Bye-bye Kingdom!

I've signed the petition (a bit late, I'm afraid). What a wonderful program and what a sad loss.

Stephen -- I'm not certain I agree with you on why Kingdom was canceled, although I agree with what you said about Simon coming back too soon ... and disappearing too soon. I think that Season 3 was just very different from the first two. As mentioned by joewalkernomad in one of the previous posts, it was more "scripted." To me, it became more "slapstick," losing the warm and slightly odd personality of the first two seasons. It also seemed to focus more on Lyle and his capers and not on Peter. And for me, it is Peter who is the "heart" of the show.

Anyway, I so wish it would come back!

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