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Posted Thu Sep 27th, 2012 12:42am Post subject: C.A.L.M

Hi Stephen.

Just a quick gush to exclaim my love of your work. QI goes without saying i think but Peters Friends is one of my favourite films and your work with Hugh Laurie was fantastic. Your evening of honour for the dearly missed Christopher Hitchens was beautiful and emotional.

I am a volunteer for the charity C.A.L.M. a national helpline seeking to prevent suicide in U.K. I am writing some articles for submission to their Calmzine and would like to put forward a feature not unlike "How much is a pint of milk?" as seen in Empire. This one will be a bit more whacky and fun. It would be great if we could discuss this further. Please let me know if you have the time or any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read my request and keep up the good work.

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