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Posted Fri Dec 11th, 2009 11:27am Post subject: Cell Phone Reviews

Although I don't run out and buy the new and sexiest of cell phones, I do read reviews on most of the contenders. I tend to buy a lot of the cheaper phones because I'm still archaic enough to use a phone as a phone. You know, to make phone calls? LOL

But the reviews themselves are rarely well written. For one, nearly every single non-iPhone review ultimately references the iPhone. I'd like to see, if it's actually necessary, more writers talking about wether it's a contender with Crackberry's.

For two, they often go into details about various features in such a way that the assumption is that all readers are gearheads. Given which phones tend to be most popular, I do not believe that.

Also, not enough reviews get to the bottom line: How much does the phone cost a new customer vs a current customer ( of the carrier ), how much do any extra bells and whistles cost ( that are used and reviewed in the article ), and how much is the contract on a yearly and monthly basis ( on average )? Instead, the articles are written as if there's an endless supply of funds in each readers pocket. I think the world recession, and levels of free spending, indicates that this is not true either.

If comparisons are going to made between Phone X and Phone Y, talk to me about the differences, not the similarities and it shouldn't take another six parapgraphs to indicate strengths and weaknesses. Don't take six paragraphs to get to wether or not this phone supports multi-touch or if the call quality is good either. That last point is particularly important: if call quality is poor, I don't care how many things the damn machine does to act like eye candy.

Really? Wow.

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