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Posted Fri Jun 25th, 2010 4:38pm Post subject: Clarification

Would someone please be kind enough to let us all know the progress with the Dongle of Donald Trefusis?

I think matters have got to the stage where most of us will accept that it won't be completed - so be it. At times we all take on more things than we can manage. However, it would be nice to be told either way and it would stop folk spouting aggressive things across the forum.

As many seem upset at having spent money to download the first few episodes, can advice be given about how a refund could be obtained? To be fair, people bought the episodes in good faith that it would be a complete set. If the other episodes are not going to be made then people should be refunded if they want to be.

Love Stephen and his work and hope that Trefusis come out of retirement.

K x x

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Posted Sat Jul 3rd, 2010 2:18pm Post subject: Clarification

After reading your explanation that Trefusis is a character from the Liar, this whole crank iTunes shenanigan makes a lot more sense to me, sadly... I could have got it for free off a shoddy bit torrent site but I paid my money fairly cause of the author...

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Posted Fri Apr 15th, 2011 9:17am Post subject: Clarification

Well said strangelady!

It's now April 2011 and no response!

It's a pity your diplomatic and measured comments on this issue have been ignored.

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