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Posted Sat Sep 26th, 2009 8:57pm Post subject: consequences

Pico? You are mistaken sir, Pico is my identical twin brother. I am Pooko.'

Dr Nunst frowned,

'Pico and Pooko? What were your parents thinking of? Why didn't they just call you Billy and Bobby for example?'.

'We were named after Mother's dead Siamese cats sir. If you'll excuse me I am in a rush just now..'

Pico looked around desperately. Drake was walking towards him, followed as usual by a half swooning line of women.

'You don't see that very often,' said Dr Nunst, 'A man with his own queue. Good lord! Is it a conga line?'.

Pico was at a loss. In panic he said,

'Yes, I'm sure it is'.

It was the wrong thing to say to Dr Nunst, in a flash he had run and grabbed the waist of the woman at the back of the queue.

'Let's all do the conga!' he sang in a quite passable baritone.

Drake frowned at Pico. Pico whispered in his ear,

'It's Dr Nunst! I've told him my name is Pooko and I'm my own twin brother'.

'Are you?' asked drake, surprised.

'What? Of course not you idiot. This story has been confused enough. He recognised me and I had to pretend I wasn't me but was the exact genetic copy of myself'.

'And that's more simple is it?' said Drake with sarcasm.

'Stop arguing you two!'.

Drake and Pico looked down to see Pontin standing before them wearing a floral dress.

'We have to lose Dr Nunst!'.

'Where did you get the dress Pontin?' said Drake, 'Oh, it's not your colour!'.

Pontin slapped a gorilla fist into a gorilla palm.

'I nicked it out of a suitcase. Now will you two stop arguing and let's get going!'.

A screeching voice came from behind them.......


The women had turned on Dr Nunst and were beating him with handbags and girly limp wrists.

His urge to do the conga had been happily mis-construed.

'Quick boys!' urged Drake, 'let's make a run for it...............'

The intrepid friends made towards check in at break-neck speed.

The woman behind the desk said.......................

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Posted Sun Sep 27th, 2009 7:21am Post subject: consequences

"Francis, cut three twickets. Two men, one gorilla."

Francis cranked up the ticket cutting machine. It coughed a cloud of black smoke and began coughing, chirping, and backfiring as the bits of paper came out. She trimmed the tickets and slid them to the woman behind the desk. "Thanks Francis,"she said half wearily.And the woman behind the desk slid them over the counter to the odd bunch but said,"Sir?" and Drake turned around,"Yes beautiful?" and she blushed. "I'm afraid the three of you will have to board now. Please mind the gorilla. He must sit between you and, like a child, you must make sure his oxygen masks is properly fitted in the event of an emergency." Pontin turned around to Drake and said,"Oxygen mask? That doesn't sound good." Drake said,"Pontin, for the next few hours let's play a game where you trust me as you would your own father. The main thing old friend is that we find our seats and settle in quickly, as the flight's set for take off at any minute."

Pontin had heard he'd get stuffed into the middle seat and didn't much appreciate the very obvious species-bigotry behind it. Still, in the climbed with Drake taking the aisle seat and Pico the window.

Eventually the announcement to harness themselves in as it was taxi time to takeoff. Drake leaned over to Pico and asked,"You doing alright over there Pico,"since he knew it was Pico's first plane ride. But Pico had pulled out a small vile full of tiny, yellow pills and tapped four intot he palm of his hand. He swallowed the back with a swig of bourbon and reassured Drake,"In about 25 minutes my lovely Drake, I will be more than fine." and he slid the bottle back into his coat pocket.
Pontin frowned,"You mighte've offered me at least one my old school buddy.".Pico felt rightfully embarassed and handed him two,"Beleieve it or not Pontin, these will do the trick for even a man of your...I'm sorry, I mean an ape of your size."

Drake had a bad feeling still. For one, the plane they'd chosen was headed to Iceland-by-the-Nob, a particularly shi-shi area for the rich but also the rich and insane.

Once they were given the signal it was OK to walk about the cabins, Drake headed for the stewards area and managed to tap one particularly lovely stewardess on the shoulder. She turned around and, once again, Drakes superior good looks and flashing smile, framed in deep dimples, and with a bit of a cleft in his chin, resulted in a reeking masculinity. Drake waited for it to take its full affect.

Just as the woman swooned a little he said,"Might I use one of your satellite of love lines? There's a special young lady I MUST speak with." So absorbed in Drakes beauty, she could not speak and only pointed in the direction of the phone.

Drake picked up the big clunker of a phone and dialed Glady's number. It rang and rang and then finally someone picked up,"Hello? Gladys?". He heard a wind rushing over her speaker, distorting the signal. "Drake! where..are...Only tell me and I'll direct the....pick you up." Drake didn't understand much of but he said,"NO, not a mid-air pick up. You're horrible at that and there are innocent people on board. The plane's landing in Icealand. They only have one major airport and you need to get tot the arrivals section for Dunnin Airlines. Got it?" Gladys had caught every word and said,"We'll be there Drake. Just get in safe!"

As Drake put the phone down and turned to go back to his seat, he was grabbed by the back of the color and roughly pulled backwards into the mens room. Tight quarters for such a stunt.
The door locked behind him as Dr.Nunst reached over and hit it, and also flipped the 'Occupied' bar.

Dr.Nunst had a strange looking gun in his hand. It was bright purple and smelled of grapes. He was perfectly clam and said,"Well, well, ARE a beautiful, beautiful man. Simply stunning. And your name must be Drake. I heard a swooning woman say it in the airport." Drake squeezed away from the old man as much as he could and said,"And you must be Dr.Nunst." then ran his hand through his thick, lustrous dark hair but allowing on large, smooth curl to dangle down near his sky blue eyes,and he smiled. Dr.Nunst smiled and said,"Oh, tsk tsk Drake, I'm afraid I'm immune to your various modes of 'seductive', or 'sensitive', or 'sincere'. They won't work on me my lovely.'Why' can be explained some other time. For now, I'd like to hear YOU explain to ME what your plans in Greenland area. And Drake, I have my own methods, if you hadn't heard, of getting what I want. Care to chance the odds that I would use them, or maybe make a safer choice and simply give me the answers I need."

Drake had little else than good looks and charm at his disposal, but these were meaningless at the mo'. Drake thought the man had probably developed an immunity shotof some sort just in case he ran across someone stunning. Drake decided not to lie.

"We're going to Greenland in hopes of forming a band of idiots.We're very close actually. Once we're all back together, we may go on a tour of Italy or something like that."

Dr.Nunst frowned,"You're a very bad liar Drake. Care to try again."

Drake was exhausted and wanted to stall as much time in here as he could so Pontin and Pico would not be disturbed from their in-flight naps.

"You can't keep me locked up in here all nigth you know. Someone out there will have to use this loo at some point."

"Quite right,"Dr.Nunst agreed,"that's why it's time to bypass you and quiz Pico a little bit. That boy's tough, but I can think of a few things that might work."and he slapped Drakes ass, hard.

"Ow!,"Drake exclaimed,"Was that really necessary?! Seriously man, get a hold of yourself."

Dr.Nunst said,"Oh, I shall,"and whipped out a hypodermic needle he'd been hiding. It was fill fo liquid sleep aid. He jammed it into Drakes thigh and pushed down hard on the plunger. "Night-night Drakey baby." and he guided Drake's fading posture over to the toilet seat. Then he tilted Drakes face up and placed a smooth, soft kiss on his lips for several seconds. He also ran his hands through Drakes perectlyf soft black hair. It struckt Dr.Nunst as if the hairstyle refelcted the need to keep the sexy beast in him under in control.

Dr.Nunst peeked down the aisel at the seats were Pico and Pontin were. They were next. Meanwhile, he refiled through Drakes pockets and found Gladys' fun. Ah, time to have a little more fun now.

"Hello, this is Gladys Escrime. How might I help you?"

Dr.Nunsts' tongue flicked out of his mouth, and the tip curled upward, snagging on barely noticaeable bead of sweat from his upper lipe....

Really? Wow.

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