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Posted Mon Sep 26th, 2011 3:05am Post subject: Consonant Roots

I began compiling an English thesaurus based on consonant roots several years ago. I have been utterly amazed at the 'consonance' of language when viewed like this. I have termed this connection as others have as consonyms

The beta version of this 'Revelationary Thesaurus' is available online at (It is in the section 'Most Addictive Brains' More specifically you can link to it here

I was wondering if you were aware of this phenomena, obviously it is clear within the semetic languages but I am unaware of any links to it exposed in English ... check out the LV Love versus VL Evil example for instance.

I also have produced an ebook of triple consonants which is quite comprehensive. If you're interested I can forward a copy to you.

Kind Regards, Peter H.

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