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Posted Sun Dec 9th, 2012 5:03am Post subject: creative writing and s'more

"Creative writing is your ability to develop your inner tension, your libido, your supply of energy and electric charge, turning the charge into an image or thought, and writing down the thought, thus contributing all the activity of your mind to the immortal culture of humankind and subsequently to your own immortality." (Lara Biyuts)

"Some believe that every library looks like a splendid cemetery of human thoughts and ideas. Could librarians be called grave-diggers? However that may be, like a cemetery, a library will never stop being of use." (Lara Biyuts)

"Literary style is like crystal-ware: the cleaner the wineglass, the brighter the brilliance. As a reader, I agree with those who believe that a colour of the dress, which a character has on, as well as any enumeration and description of dishes at dinner or in the kitchen should be mentioned only in case if all this has a strong consequent relation to the plot, but as an author, I can’t help mentioning all this, with no particular reason, just for love for my characters, desiring to give them something nice and pleasant. Melancholy grows a platinum rose. Affection grows a double rose." (Lara Biyuts)

"Sober Minds give the world a chance. True Love brings you Hope. Blind Faith moves mountains. And the main savior from despair is Laughter." (Lara Biyuts)

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Posted Sun Dec 9th, 2012 12:45pm Post subject: creative writing and s'more

Blind Faith moves mountains?

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