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Posted Wed Aug 1st, 2012 12:22pm Post subject: da blawg

I've found the last several blog stories very boring and can't understand the time and effort put into writing and then posting them. The blog on musicals was practically demanding that everyone should like them and those who do not are clearly unfair in some way. No, it's because musicals only require mediocre music, mediocre acting, and mediocre dancing to BE musicals. Seperate any of those three specific disciplines and you would just not cut it and make it to the top by being 'good enough'.

Spending time writing about and referencing individuals that most people wouldn't know if you taught them about it for two weeks is totally ignoring the *actual* interests of your fan base. Don't ignore them.

And yes, of course it's a given that what I have to say isn't particularly relevant and won't change a single thing. But I just think there's more missing from your blogging than exists. Sorry.

Really? Wow.

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