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Posted Mon Jul 16th, 2012 4:39pm Post subject: Dam my education.

So were do i start? I was left at the back of the comprehensive class room in the 80's as i could not read or write too well. I could pick up any musical instrument and play it with in weeks, i could paint, draw with ease and was known as the class "funny man" so to speak (type? you see i struggle with even grammar) . I never really got the hang of it and as some of you may know that in the 80's if you could not do it then you were not on the teachers list of possible brags. I have always had fascination with Stephen Fry as he i always wonder that if i could have written well and could read then he may be what i might have become or could have been. Every time i see him on TV i learn some thing, every time i hear him talk i learn something and once having served in the army i can say that he got his role in Blackadder goes Fourth spot on!. I have not even opened a book since i was 23 (i turned 40 last year) give or take one, or one and on looking around the airport last week for something to keep me company i found his Chronicles. It came with me across Munich, through the Alps, down the valleys of Bavaria, along the Danube river and sat with me in the squares of Salzburg. I would laugh out loud to complete strangers, shreek with amazement on buses and reflect at my own bouts of depression, my smoking addiction and my troubled youth along with a man i greatly admire. I had cancer some years ago aged 30 and ever since i have felt even closer to Stephen , it brought back deep depression and close to suicide. Thanks to a treatment of testosterone i got rid of the darkness and feel better again (this is a new treatment which is making waves that it can be linked to drops and peeks in male hormones) by the way . GOING off topic here so i will finish with Thank you for this book it has taught me more in the first 300 pages than the school ever did.I will treasure it for ever.

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