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Posted Sun May 15th, 2011 7:37pm Post subject: Dear Mr Fry . . .

Dear Mr Fry,

My name is Mr S Miller (I'm being purposely vague as to my first name - this will be explained shortly) and I'm hoping that by posting this text on your website's forum, I grab your attention and occupy a few moments of your time.

As a result of several homophobic attacks upon my person and years of homophobic abuse and a ‘life changing set of circumstances’ I decided to ‘get off my backside and do something about it’. The result of this is a completely original idea for a brand new TV show called ‘Homophobic’. To quote the Logline from the Treatment:
“In our supposedly tolerant society, gay men and women often face shocking violence and hatred that their straight friends and family never see or understand. This documentary series will reveal the secret lives of gay men and women, and will show the inspiring strength it requires to live in a world that can be almost unbearably cruel.”

I invested a sizeable chunk of change into this idea and paid for a Media Manager to take my original idea, and all my thoughts about this and that, and turn it into a complete and ready to submit TV Treatment Document. The Treatment was completed months ago and after weeks and weeks of endless searching for a TV Agent, a Media Agency, an Independent Production Company, interest from any TV channel, I’ve come up short. The problem – I’m unheard of in the media industry and as such have absolutely nothing to ‘accompany’ my idea. TV Agents require a letter of recommendation from a ‘suitable individual’ – only problem with these ‘suitable individuals’ is that they, like the Agents themselves, have never heard of me and are unwilling to help. Independent Production Companies do not accept unsolicited material, TV Channels only accept completed works that can be bought and broadcast easily, and so on and so forth. I’ve hit a complete and dead end. In addition to this, as I have absolutely no personal interest, need, want or desire to be become publicly known or famous (hence my not putting my first name above) – people that show interest are being put off by this – I say and I quote from one IPC “… what are you talking about? Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY wants to be famous!”

It has been suggested by my Media Manager that I try and get the interest of a ‘celebrity’, someone who is already famous, someone who has a voice that will be instantaneously recognised and listened to, and based upon this suggestion comes my post in this forum.

I fully appreciate and understand that you have an incredible workload, that this post is completely ‘out of the blue’ and in all honesty ‘darn right cheeky!’ and that it’s a lot to ask but, if I were to send a copy of the TV Treatment to you via your agent ‘Hamilton Hodell Limited’, would you be willing to read it with the view of getting your interest on board?

I do hope this forum post finds you well. The post itself is very ‘daring’ and very much ‘in your face’ so to speak but as the famous phrase goes – he who dares, wins!

With very best wishes to you,
Yours sincerely,

Mr S Miller

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