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Posted Sun Aug 16th, 2009 9:02pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Today lucky enough me to come upon your autobiography. Unfortunately, my cognitions of English are distant from perfection, but want you to report that his more deep study will not help however. Exactly how, on Your expression, the surgical correction of nose will not change a general picture. (That’s why this text was translated from Russian in special program). Now you presented me the name of my new book which I will never write. A book is named "Dear Stephen".
And it would be possible to tell about that, how in an old and peeling off bathroom I dissolve the sadness in the aroma of white lily. About that I write you, while my children play a not "soft" metal far (do you remember the old show?). About that, how it was today tried me to confess in unexpected love, and in this time I four times was bitten for a right knee by a disgusting flea.
In the book I can itself allow to speak to you when only will think a fit me. I will clean all of signs which would specify on my sex as a human creature intentionally. I like to be in one noosfere with you.
And I want, that you knew that one of shallow representatives of human family is consonant you in Your displays. I feel sense of deep cognation, although scarcely able to make sure herein certainly.
I can not ask about meeting, because there are certain obstacles to it, but beforehand test deep gratitude in a hope, that you will answer exactly me.
I bless you from all of the soul.

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Posted Mon Aug 17th, 2009 5:44am Post subject: Dear Stephen!

dear stephen, as an aussie, loved your lords speech- sent to to hundreds of people; and have signed up to your blog as a result.
a personal offensive in your face query- what happened to your nose? was it hit by a pole while punting the cambridge way? or a lineout accident in a rugby game? or did you it yourself to make you less attractive?

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Posted Mon Aug 24th, 2009 9:23pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Dear Stephen!
Revealed today, that my message to you had appeared property of public. And I so wanted to socialize with you intimately, my unknown distant friend.
I regret, that you did not have to look a slavonic film «DMB». - Or led to? - Or is not it? - And can be, led to all the same... One of heroes of picture, speaking to other, inquires: «Do you see ground squirrel? Is not it? But they are!»
I do not see you, but know, you -are. And this feeling inspires my life.
Some distressed me, that one of your admirers, joining in with me, dare write your divine name from a little letter! But will forgive him it, because he does not know truly, that creates. And yet – about a nose. With a nose to the left, with a nose to the right, with four noses or without single you always remain yourself!
Almost similarly offended me, when my family members thought to name our lady-cat the name of Laurie. I understand that it is your friend and partly colleague on creation, but no competition is impossible. And as Stephen was name you already, a lady-cat had to be satisfied with the name of Nessie.
If it does not tire you, in course of time I with pleasure will tell you and about other details of my existence.
Happy Birthday.
I bless you from all of the soul.

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Posted Thu Oct 29th, 2009 11:34pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Stephen i am a newbie my name is darren heaton i live in the uk
i would just like to invite you to a facebook group i have set up to
help support the grenadier guards while on tour in afghanistan.
we also provide a place for there familys to leave messages for there loved one and we have now started to send parcels to needy troops on
the frontline.
i hope i have not offend stephen by this message
best wishes
darren oh the facebook group is called (the dusty grenadiers club)
my email is

best wishes

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Posted Fri Oct 30th, 2009 12:47am Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Am I the only one that finds IrinaR's messages strangly hypnotic? I think I could read an entire book written by them and not be bothered by the fact that at no point would I understand what I was reading. It's beautiful, it makes my brain soft, I want more and more of it!

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Posted Sat Oct 31st, 2009 8:28pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Dear Stephen! Can you PLEASE read the following…..what we need is someone like you to help put the message across that Anti-Depressants aka “Happy pills” should be not routinely used, when there are ccbt products like Beating the Blues, by Ultrasis. Can you please help and give some support to get this message across?

I was prescribed anti-depressants for 15 years and had very bad withdrawal symptoms along with a number of other side-effects. I even felt suicidal as my depression was getting so severe.

I then asked my GP if there was any other form of non-drug therapy, as I had heard about Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (cCBT). I was referred to my local PCT in no time as there wasn’t a waiting list to use a NICE Recommended ccbt programme called Beating the Blues, I can’t tell you how much this programme has helped me combat my depression and anxiety illness. I no longer take the “happy pills” and I would recommend that people suffering from depression ask their GP about this programme! What can I say, except it saved my life and will save the lives of hundred’s of thousands, not just in the UK but across the world. I am glad to say that I know longer have suicidal throughts and have fully recovered thanks to Beating the Blues (available free on the NHS)

The CCBT programme Beating the Blues has no side-effects like drugs and could save the Government £126 Million a year! I would refer people to their website

Why can’t the Government put pen to paper and Sign a National Contract for Beating the Blues? It is being rolled out in Northern Ireland, let’s hope the Government here i.e. Gordon Brown, and the Health Secretary actually sign it and save the Government a decent amount of money.

57 MP’s even Signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Parliament about this….


Lamb, Norman
That this House is concerned that, almost three years since the publication of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s (NICE’s) guidance on computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT) for the treatment of depression, and numerous statements from the Secretary of State for Health, NICE-approved cCBT has yet to be made available in all primary care trusts (PCTs) in sufficient quantities to meet the known need; notes that the current recession is likely to increase the prevalence of mild and moderate depression in the general population; is aware that, based on NICE estimates, full implementation of this guidance will result in a cost benefit to the NHS of £126 million per annum; is further concerned that many people are suffering from a postcode lottery for treatment for depression and anxiety; and calls on the Department of Health to take measures to ensure that NICE-approved cCBT is available in all PCTs for GPs to prescribe and that strategic health authorities are directed to ensure that PCTs comply with their obligations to provide this treatment.

This is the only way forward for suffer’s of this terrible illness. It is the ONLY National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Recommended cCBT Programme. Patient’s can view the following website (Dutch Version)

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Posted Thu Jan 21st, 2010 1:41pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Oh Dear!

Mina Marcus

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Posted Sun Jan 24th, 2010 4:58pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Dear Stephen, I am a newbie to your site. I would like to say that I admire you and enjoy watching QI. I hope one day u will reply 2 me. Luv and Kisses Pauline Mcl xx

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Posted Mon Nov 15th, 2010 6:59pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

I am also a patient who benefitted greatly by obtaining the services of Ultrasis. I used to suffer from acute depression. It seriously affected my studies and my quality of life. Finally I found it so hard to cope with it that I resorted to drugs. Fortunately my parents noticed this and they urged me to make use of “Beating the Blues”. I did and I have been able to live a happy life thereafter. I admit that the therapy was a bit difficult for me because of my habit of using drugs but finally I was able to complete it successfully.

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Posted Tue Dec 7th, 2010 11:53pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Dear Stephen,

With a feeling of humility and respect I write this message to you, knowing it is not personal and it might even be that you will never read my message at all.

I´ve came to ´know´ you for some years now... from the roadtrip you did through the USA, the serie IQ, as an actor in V for Vendetta and the Discovery of heaven. I have always respected you for your unparalleled knowledge and your childlike openess you´ve seemed to have kept against all the odds of the cynical and selfish world we live in today.

But that is not the reason why today, on this (for me) unremarkable tuesday evening, I felt the unrestraining urge to make my feelings known to you. No, the reason is that I stumbled upon a youtube video in which you laid down your reasons for why the Catholic Church does so much harm in the world. A youtube video which deserves so much more viewings than it has up to now.

It moved me, it shook me to my core and quite honestly made me feel intens love fore you. Which for a heterosexual(I think) man was a weird feeling. You might not know me, we might never meet, but for me you are a shining beacon of reason, eloquence, knowledge and above all love in this world. I will go to bed soon with the knowledge that this otherwise unremarkable tuesday was enriched by your heartcry on youtube and that there is hope for a better world.

With all the love I can give, I wish you well.

Amor vincit omnia

Jasper Greveling
The Netherlands

timendi causa est nescire

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Posted Thu Feb 3rd, 2011 8:11pm Post subject: Dear Stephen!

Dear Stephen, could we trespass on your charitable soul with a strange request?

I work at Redbird Communications, a social marketing firm in British Columbia. We are all big fans of you and Hugh Laurie. We have a strange request.

We are making a commercial about the "signs of stroke" for the non-profit organization, The Heart and Stroke, trying to help raise awareness about the importance of recognizing the warning signs of stroke and calling emergency services. Every 10 minutes someone suffers a stroke. The sad part is that over 50% of people don't recognize the warning signs, leaving 75% of them with cognitive damage or death. If people only recognize the warning signs, and get treatment within 4 hours, they can live healthy and productive lives after stroke.

We are offering to make the TV commercial for free, if your friend "Dr. House" stars in it. (If you would like to be a part of it in anyway, well yes please as well!).

We know that you and Hugh are busy, and famous, and that ours is really a small cause.

But we also know, that if Dr. House was the face of this campaign, people would pay more attention, it would get local and national press in Canada, and it would reach millions more people than if we do it without him.

This action would actually save lives. Many people would remember and pay attention to the commercial just because of his fame. It seems trite, but someone, after suffering a stroke, would remember that commercial and call for an ambulance.

All we ask is that you could simply email or DM this tweet to him on Twitter, and give him a chance to decide. Here's the message:

"A personal appeal to Dr. House. Help us save lives for real."

Thanks so much,

James Mulvey

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