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Posted Mon Mar 19th, 2012 10:08pm Post subject: Dearest Stephen: A wonderful, Thunderful, (potentially) Blunderful Request!

Dearestest Stephen,

My name is Richard Roberts and I am simple, but hardworking, Engineer from Newbury. But, more pertinently, I am a man who has a brave and slightly ridiculous request.

Before I ask my favour, I am going to resist the urge to shower you with praise and sycophancy, as I know you do not care for such things.

I won’t be telling you how much I have enjoyed your books.
I won’t be telling you that I sky plus QI or that I regard you as a National Treasure.
I won’t tell that Peter’s Friends was a tour de force.
And I certainly won’t be telling you that my formative obsession with Black Adder (and, specifically, General Melchett) sculpted my taste in comedy.
No way jose! You would not appreciate any of that.

So, instead, I will cut to the chase… I am undertaking a huge (and, frankly, bonkers)charity project, which requires me to try something new every day of 2012 –that’s 366 new experiences!! I have created a blog to chronicle my exploits –

I humbly request that you send me just a short message to include on my charity blog. Nothing fancy! Just a tiny, little message. It would not simply become a new thing (“correspondence from a legend”), but it would be a highlight of the blog.

I am doing all this is for a small, but wonderful, charity called The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust.

Pleeeeeease consider my request Stephen. If you do this, I promise to read some PG Wodehouse and Douglas Adams. Dealeo?

Kindestest regards,

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