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Alex Seed


Posted Fri Nov 21st, 2008 5:00pm Post subject: Deductive logic and other things..
Deductive logic

Need I say more?
I mentioned stoutly

Maybe you should!
He replied loudly

Maybe I would!
I retorted further

Yet he we are…
He then exchanged


T’was a village where my growth first took
On the outskirts, near the brook
I’d often stop, to take a look
At cows a-grazing on the bank

But now it seems i’m all grown up
And all the Cows hang from a hook
The memories filling like a cup
I wander past a septic tank

It seems you never can go home
Although you often wish to roam
To dabble in that brooks sweet foam
The label reads high tensile beam

Through trodden grass I wander still
The countryside seems sick and ill
The doctor say it should take it’s pill
Developments a cure it seems

All for the future says the man
Who came along with his big plan
And forged the epitome of man
Deluxe Spa centre, so I see

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